About Randy Roedell

Signature Craftsmanship

Commitment to fine craftsmanship defines me.  A third generation woodworker, I was taught at an early age the fundamentals of the craft from my father and grandfather.  Quality craftsmanship, durability, and attention to detail are hallmarks of my work.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison I gradually drifted from engineering to philosophy to art.  I was finishing a degree in metal-smithing when my fiancé was offered a job at Stanford.  So we got married and moved to California, tackling an orphaned fixer-upper in an historic neighborhood, giving me the chance to create a beautiful arts and crafts interior and mission exterior.

Working in Wisconsin at an industrial design manufacturer I became adept at working with all types of machinery and materials, and developed a versatile design capability.  Bringing my experience from the restaurant industry helped to make the prototype workshop a key to the growth and success of the company.  

Employed in the bay area as a space planner and custom cabinet maker for fine homes since 2004, I now have my own California Contractors license.  My new business can tackle a wide range of projects.  My unique style and vision is dedicated to the creation of well-crafted items and functional design for enhancing the distinctiveness of your home and business.

Julie and I are avid runners, who love to cook, hike, bike and travel. 

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June 5, 2018

above: Pinnacles National Park California                 below: celebrating weight-loss challenge (thePSTI.com 2017 winner)